Phil gans: Auschwitz Survivor


    This is the story of a boy who at the age of 15 was taken from his home in Amsterdam and who was then sent to Auschwitz Concentration Camp, along with his father, mother, sister, brother, and grandmother. This boy, Phil Gans, is the only survivor of the 21 family members on his dad’s side. Phil Gans now speaks at schools and at The Florida Holocaust Museum about his experiences during his time at the concentration camp.

    Listen to Phil’s story and become a witness to a witness, joining  his campaign to “erase the hate” and to never be a silent bystander.

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- Purchase a DVD copy of his lecture where he gives a first hand account of his experiences. Shipping Included.

- Purchase one of his blue wristbands embossed with the phrase “ERASE THE HATE” and his camp number “#139755.” Each comes with an educational card explaining the band’s significance. Shipping Included.


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